Why Doing Less is Important

Why Doing Less is Important
December 1, 2022

For as much as 2020 was locked down, I think it was one of my most busy years.
Probably because Gris and I added this company on our plate in a way we haven’t before. However, towards the end of the year, my head was down in work.

I felt the days flying by and there was never enough time. That is a bad place to be in for a long time. This year we want to do less. That doesn’t mean sit on my butt and do nothing. It means being more intentional with what we say yes to.

The goal here is to be able to spend more time with loved ones, friends, and things we truly care about. Saying yes to other too often can other’s priorities, your priorities.

Some things to try that might help you out this year:

1. Get a hobby.
I know there is something out there you have always wanted to do or learn, make that a priority this year and put time for it in your calendar as you would anything else important. Maybe it might turn into something bigger as coffee did for us!

2. Say no.
It’s scary, but try it. It’s pretty freeing! Be slow to say yes. Really think about what you’d be giving up. Saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else.

3. Schedule date nights
You have a designated day to be present with your significant other!

4. Use do not disturb on your phone!
Holy cow, this one is amazing. I start to leave it on a lot. I just let family’s calls come through. You’d be amazed at how much quieter your evenings are!

Those are just some small habit changes that will make a big impact that have been working for us.

For now, have a great evening and a better 2021!