Why Am I So Dang Busy?

Why Am I So Dang Busy?
December 1, 2022

Life is moving faster than ever.

We are all busy as ever. School work is piled up. You have to work a job or three to pay for school loans and tuition. You volunteer to look good for other school related things. You get involved with church. You try to workout. You need to clean your place, do laundry, change the oil, and so on.

Where is the time you make for yourself? How about your family or loved one? Or better yet, your time with God?

Well, you aren't alone as we are in the same boat to be honest. When learning a bit more about this, we came across some eye opening reasons that we all can check a box in.

These are called the "Killer P's" as describe by an author and pastor named Kevin DeYoung.

Pats on the back

Really, this is saying yes to something because you want people to think you are awesome and you like acknowledgment.

Performance evaluation

This is a tricky one. You might think you are keeping everything afloat or you are the only one who can do something at your job.


We all love nice things. We work to make money. We make money buy things. It isn't wrong to want nice things, just when we start to take pride in those nice things.

Proving yourself

There is nothing wrong with ambition. In fact, many people lack ambition. The problem is when start to have ambition for our own glory or forget about the things that are more important. You don't have to prove anything to anyone.


You want people to feel sorry for how busy you are. You think people are amazed about how much you do.

Poor planning

This one hits home so well with us. I suck at it. I don't delegate as much as I should and I don't leave time to get things done on time.

Power (need to stay busy to stay in control)

Perfectionism (you can't make a mistake)

Position (people like you have to be busy)

Prestige (you want to be someone)

You'll never be satisfied if you are pushing to be someone.

Posting (social media)

Are you trying to look good for social media? Drake said it pretty good himself:

I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome
Then she finally got to Rome
And all she did was post pictures for people at home
'Cause all that mattered was impressin' everybody she's known
I know another girl that's cryin' out for help
But her latest caption is "Leave me alone"
I know a girl happily married 'til she puts down her phone
I know a girl that saves pictures from places she's flown
To post later and make it look like she still on the go
Look at the way we live

All jokes aside, take a step back and see if any of these hit home. We will be putting some more out on ways to help with these. For now, try to not let pride get the best of you. I know, it's hard. You don't have to be perfect, because none of us are.