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Hi, we are

Grind Coffee. Slow down, enjoy coffee and enjoy life.

Our Manifesto

Coffee should be about people, relationships, experiences, and growth.

Not promoting extreme busyness in our lives.

We aren't talking about hard work here, but issue of being too busy "doing" that we aren't following our purpose.

We are here to help everyone lead a purposeful and intentional life. One that isn’t full of busyness, but joy and fulfillment.

Drink Up

How could we be a coffee ministry without coffee? That would be weird wouldn't it! Anyways, we aim to serve you the best coffee and work with a local roaster named Driftwood. They hold the same values we do and we feel that is important!


Starter Fluid

$ 19.00 USD

$ 19.00 USD

Events to help you detach

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Come & say hi

Our bananagrams tournaments. We love game nights.Roel is always bringing smiles to everyone he talks to. He also was excited for his coffee!