Choose Coffee,

Choose Life

Everyone has a purpose

You have a purpose, we have a purpose, and coffee has a purpose. However, your purpose isn’t to be busy as ever while running around caffeinated. We believe you should slow down, enjoy that cup, that conversation, and everything else. Pace yourself and be purposeful. Life isn’t a sprint.

We are fixated on helping others

We believe in helping others in practical ways. If we are making content or anything that would earn your time and attention, we want it to be helpful for you and actually be able to apply it. We want help you enjoy coffee and help you be more purposeful.

Keep it simple

We try our best to keep everything simple. We don’t want to complicate coffee. We believe simple is best. Over complicating coffee doesn’t help and adding more complication to your day is only going to get frustrating. This can free up mental time and space for you to engage in your creativity and focus on what is important in your life.

CoffeeWe are based out of Corpus Christi, TX.