Choose Coffee,

Choose Life

The beginningWe started by answering a call in the church. Believe Church wanted to have a space for coffee. Josiah and Griselda raised their hand and took on the task of making that happen. Very quickly, the project and vision grew from just a little bar to a dedicated space to be more than just the morning pick me up.
Starting The Grind brought the whole college and career ministry together to work on it, build relationships and get them excited about something they can all say they did.
Josiah and Griselda currently lead The Grind and are actively working to bring it outside of just the church.
The visionWe want to show how a cup of coffee can really bring together. We also are wanting to take a stance on busyness. The Grind is a place to slow down, grow, and build relationships.
Griselda Barron
Griselda is the one who breathes
life into the space and brand with
puns and quotes.

She also loves interior design, planning,
helping others in any way she can, and
crafting all kinds of teas! She is also
pretty mean at Dutch Blitz!

Josiah Duenes
Josiah is usually making coffee or
drinking coffee. Usually at the same time.
He is the coffee geek and loves getting
down into the science!

Josiah also does other digital creative
work and branding. He is also always
down for a game and gets super
competitive but will end up losing to Gris
at Dutch Blitz. :(

Our coffeeCurrently, all of our coffee is made with manual methods with love.
Cold Brew
CoffeeWe are based out of Corpus Christi, TX.